The effective communication of the reform of the R&I governance system, R&I strategy, as well as defined policies, actions, measures and results will succeed in increasing stakeholder awareness at national level of the benefits of R&I, its impact to the national economy and contribution in addressing local and international social challenges. The implementation of a comprehensive branding and communication strategy will aim to address stakeholders at all levels, ensuring their contribution and commitment to the implementation of the national R&I, as a collective effort. Irrevocably, the design of policy measures will be done based on the principles of stakeholder participation and consultation. This will support stakeholder collaboration and ownership of activity, while ensuring that policy responds to their actual needs and maximizes impact.

Addressing the international dimension of communication, the design of a targeted international campaign will support in promoting Cyprus as a regional hub of scientific excellence and innovation. At the same time, building on economic and science diplomacy, we can promote Cyprus’ interests in R&I overseas. Such effort could include mobilization of Cyprus’ Embassies abroad, as well as Cypriot scientists and innovators, to promote Cyprus science and entrepreneurship at the international scene.